Daydreams and dresses. Bow ties and kisses. Cake toppers and dishes. Little love bird wishes. These are a few of my favorite things. When he whispers in your ear, when you close your eyes and everything is clear. Knowing that feeling of everything you ever wanted is near. I'm here to capture that ever after feeling that makes your fingertips tingle on your wedding day. I'm here to give you the gift of remembering and sharing it forever. I'm here so that you can pass those special moments on to your grandchildren when they are old enough to understand the feeling. I am in love with getting to know another persons life story. I love when a bride becomes a friend. I often say 'Birds of a feather flick together" because I have come to find that my clients and I have so much in common. It makes me so happy to know that my photography has brought me together with such amazing couples. I feel so blessed. My name is Cami and I am a fine art film and digital wedding photographer and I want to capture your wedding day. 


Fine Art Photography


generations. When I pick up my camera I seek to create imagery that makes you feel something. The emotion, and the love. Photographs that represent your day and transport you to a place where the heart can’t help but feel what you did in those moments. As a Midwest Wedding Photographer who is eager to only offering the best to my clients I will only be booking 20 weddings per year! We are also available for travel worldwide.

At age 15 I stumbled across some old film camera equipment. A dusty 35mm Minolta, it was older than I was and worth little to nothing, but in my eyes it was my most valuable possession. That day I found my passion. I have fostered a love for film cameras, photography, and genuine moments. I enjoy observing each of my couples as I see what makes them unique and capturing the beauty of their relationship. Photography brings me so much joy in knowing that my clients can pass down beautiful memories for   

of hiking to waterfalls and riding horses along the beach and jumping the north shore waves at 7 years old are deep within my heart. My mother raised me to be bold and sweet and my father taught me to have the courage to be whoever I wanted to be. I have always had in me a sense of adventure and a drive for experiencing life.  My husband has often given me that same strength later in life. He listens to my daydreams and helps make them grow into a reality.

"May you have grace in your step, song in your hand and aloha in your heart." - hula blessing

At age 5 I found myself constantly daydreaming. To become something kind, something warm, something like my grandmother who has always been my inspiration. At 18 my grandmother married the love of her life. An army man stationed in her home town of Oahu, Hawaii. I to married the love of my life at age 18. My life has been filled with Hawaii. With the filipino roots engrained within me. The island way of dreaming and hospitality will always be a way of life. Memories 


Fine Art Photography 

The ocean. It has been a part of my life since my great grandmothers time here on earth. The waves have had a magical way of teaching me to respect life, love and the power of the sea. Fishing, surfing and diving will forever have my heart.


I first sat on a horse when I was just a year old. The smell of the grain and the dust in their coat is one of my favorite scents. There is never a time I feel more connected with life than when I'm riding. 


Looking through old family photos and hearing stories of my family history is what has made me fall in love with photography. 



My Passions


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